Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time and energy at a FIRST® Tech Challenge event.  Without volunteers like yourself, we would be unable to provide a high quality robotics program to students.  Please review the positions below and then volunteer for the FTC East Super-Regional Championship using the FIRST Volunteer Information & Matching System (VIMS).

All event volunteers are required to follow both the FIRST Youth Protection Program requirements and the Pennsylvania Child Protection Services Laws. See our Youth Protection page for full details.

Volunteers may present the required clearances either in advance or at Volunteer Check-in.

Please contact ftc.events@pennfirst.org if you have any questions. Thank you!

Plays high-energy, age-appropriate music throughout the tournament. Monitors the energy of the crowd, raising crowd enthusiasm with musical selections. Works with the Emcee and Technical Director to coordinate music, score announcements. Brings an appropriate recording of the national anthem for each participating country and plays them during the Opening Ceremony.

Emcee / Game Announcer
This person is the visible, audible host for the event and should be well-spoken and enthusiastic, with knowledge about FIRST Tech Challenge program and the FTC yearly game challenge and its rules. Someone with a public speaking, performing, or broadcasting background is ideal. He or she introduces each team during the setup time between rounds, announces the scores, and provides the play-by-play commentary to complement the projected video images.

Field Control System Operator
These volunteers operate the Field Control System (FCS) at each playing field. The FCS Operator establishes WiFi communication with robots, monitors real-time robot status during matches and assists the Field Technical Advisor and teams when robots behave unexpectedly on the playing field. This volunteer should be comfortable using computers running the Windows operating system, and enjoy working with teams and watching robot matches.

Field Reset
These volunteers assist with field reset and moving teams and their robots quickly on and off the competition playing fields.

Field Technical Advisor
The Field Technical Advisor should be: Experienced with the TETRIX Robotics Design System; Knowledgeable about the Field Control System that teams use to wirelessly control their Robot during a match; Experienced with computers running the Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems; Experienced with troubleshooting the WiFi wireless connection between an FTC Robot and a computer running the Field Control System software; Able to use deductive reasoning to solve technical problems; Able to repair damage to the Playing Fields.

Field Technical Advisor Assistant
The Field Technical Advisor Assistant should be: Experienced with computers running the Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems; Familiar with setting up WiFi networks; Able to use deductive reasoning to solve technical problems; Able to repair damage to the Playing Fields.

It is important to have volunteers on hand for use as extra coverage in registration or traffic control areas or as runners for the Judge Advisor, team queuer, and referees. These volunteers can also be reassigned if another volunteer does not show up, or needs to leave due to an emergency or illness.

Robot Inspector
Responsible for inspecting robots for compliance with robot construction. Robot inspection is conducted during Friday evening and the first two or three hours of the event.

Judge Advisor
The Judge Advisor selects the Judging team. Select this volunteer role if you have been invited to be a Judge or if you would like to be considered for this assignment.

Judge Advisor Assistant
This volunteer: Assists the Judge Advisor to keep the judges on schedule; Gather necessary information and supplies for the judges; Performs computer data entry; The Judge Advisor selects the Judging Assistants. Select this volunteer role if you have been invited to be a Judge Assistant or if you would like to be considered for this assignment.

The judging panel should reflect a cross section of the population and be objective with all judging decisions. These men and women serve as role models to the participants through their actions and frequent interactions during the event, most significantly during the team presentations. Judges should be willing to commit to the entire day of the event, judges’ training prior to the event, and associated reading of judging materials. FTC provides a Judges’ Guide each year with the current judging standards and awards listings.

This person photographs the tournament for archival and future publicity.

Head Referee / Referee
The referee will: Carefully watch the actions of the robots and teams, and carry out the other referee functions as described in the game challenge; Record scores on Referees’ Scoring Sheets and bring the sheets to the scorekeeper after each match; Be very familiar with the yearly game challenge, rules, Questions and Answers on the web, and all possible scoring scenarios; Participate in the training teleconference provided by FIRST; The Head Referee will confer with other referees in the event of a scoring dispute, and will be responsible for the final decision.

This individual enters the score into the computer from the referees’ score sheets after each match, creates and prints the qualification match schedule, and uses the scoring system to display match results and rankings on a projection screen.

Load-in volunteers setup specific areas Friday afternoon under the direction of that area’s supervisor. Typical area assignments are the robot playing fields, pit area, judges’ room, and volunteer room.

Lead Queuer / Queuer
Keeps close track of which teams are on the playing field, guides the teams on deck, and directs them to the appropriate playing field. Maintains a smooth traffic flow between the playing fields and the Pit.

Take down / Cleanup
After the competition, assist in taking down and packing all FTC equipment and loading into event staff vehicles.  Pick up tables, chairs, signs, and trash in all event areas, leaving our host's facility clean.

Technical Help Desk
Responsible for helping teams identify and fix hardware, electrical and software problems with robots. Familiarity with the FTC robotics system and at least one of the programming languages (ROBOTC or LabView) is required.

Volunteer and Team Check-in
Individuals assigned to the check-in table will assist participants with the check-in process, collect consent forms, and distribute information packets. This is a half-day assignment.