Safety glasses area required at all times in the pits – no exceptions! 

Each team will receive an approximately 10’ x 10’ pipe and drape pit area with one 8’ table, two chairs, and a single power outlet. 

You may decorate your pit area, but please observe fire, safety, and facility regulations.
- No structures higher, decorations, signs, etc. higher than 10’ from the floor 
- Tape is not allowed on the floor, tables, chairs, walls, pipe and drape, etc. 
- No helium balloons 
- No highly flammable materials 
- Decorations must free standing and must not be attached to the pipe and drape. 

Remember to bring your own power strips. We will not have any power strips to lend to teams.

Pit Assignments

Click on the image to download a copy of the Pit layout.

Practice Fields

There will be 4 practice fields in the pits.

There will be many teams wanting to use the the practice fields.  Please be gracious and limit your time if others are waiting.