Participation Policy


The Tournament Participation Policy applies to the East Super-Regional Championship Tournament. In the event of a conflict between this Policy and other webpages on this site, the Participation Policy applies.

Youth Protection
This section applies to all Coaches, Mentors and other Adults affiliated with a Team participating at the East Super-Regional Championship Tournament.

Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law
In 2014, 23 pieces of legislation were enacted including Act 153 of 2014 and Act 15 of 2015, changing how Pennsylvania responds to child abuse. These changes significantly affect the reporting, investigation, assessment, prosecution and judicial handling of child abuse and neglect cases. Beginning August 25, 2015, many adult volunteers are required to obtain background checks, including the Child Abuse History Clearance, issued by the Department of Human Services, and the Criminal History Record Check, issued by the Pennsylvania State Police. More information may be found on the keep kids safe website, including frequently asked questions.

The compliance of these Pennsylvania laws is the responsibility of each individual team and their School or Organization.

FIRST Youth Protection Program
The FIRST Youth Protection Program is an important part of the protection of our youth. Although the overall goals of the Pennsylvania Child Protection Services Law and the FIRST Youth Protection Program may be similar, the background checks required by each are different and both sets are required.

Adults working with FIRST Teams are required to follow the requirements outlined in FIRST Youth Protection Program.

Consent and Release
Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics requires a completed and signed FIRST Consent and Release Form for each student, coach, and mentor participating at the East Super-Regional Championship Tournament.

Each student at a Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics event must have a signed FIRST Consent and Release Form completed by a parent or legal guardian. Students, coaches, and mentors cannot participate  in the event without a signed Consent and Release form. These forms can be filled out electronically or by hard copy.
  • Electronically – A printed FIRST Team Roster showing that each students parent or guardian has electronically filled out the Consent and Release form online. This is shown on the roster with a green checkmark.
  • Hard copy – The Coach or Mentor must bring a signed hard copy of the form signed by the student’s parent or legal guardian. Coaches may NOT sign this form on behalf of the student's parent or legal guardian.
Students who do not have a parent/legal guardian signed FIRST Consent and Release Form will not be able to participate in the event, but they are welcome to enjoy the event from the stands like the general public. They will not be allowed into the Pits or the Competition area.

The FIRST Team Roster from the FIRST Dashboard / Team Registration System MUST be handed in at event check-in, regardless if the coach is handing in hard copies of 
each Consent and Release form. If the Roster from the Team Registration System is blank, the Coach should write in the names of each student competing at the event. 

Tournament Participation

Only FTC teams in good standing with FIRST and the tournament hosts, Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics, may participate in the East Super-Regional Championship Tournament.

Teams must comply with Tournament registration procedures that include, but are not limited to:
  • Registration request deadlines
  • Event Registration Fee deadlines
Participants are required to follow all the tournament and game rules specified in the current season’s FTC Game Manual.

Participation in the East Super-Regional Championship Tournament is by invitation only, based on advancement requirements.

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