Team Check-in
One adult mentor should go to the Team Check-in table in the front of the Long Center to check-in the team. 
All other adult mentors and the team students should start Team Load-in into the Pits.

At Team Check-in, the Coach must present:
  • Team Roster from the FIRST Dashboard
  • Completed FIRST Consent and Release Form for each student or mentor who has not completed the consent form electronically

Volunteer Check-in
Volunteers should go to the Volunteer Check-in table in the front of the Long Center to check-in. 

At Volunteer Check-in present any necessary Pennsylvania Child Protection compliance documents. These documents will vary by the state you reside in and how many days you have volunteered in Pennsylvania this year. See Youth Protection for full details. Our Volunteer Coordinator will tell you exactly which documents are required.

Save time at Volunteer Check-in
Scan (pdf format preferred) your Pennsylvania Child Protection compliance documents, enclose them in an encrypted zip file, and send them to us at and we will process them ahead of time.