Tips About HVAC Maintenance and Repair

If you want your HVAC system to last a long time, you need to make sure that you take good care of it. Over time, your HVAC system will lose its efficiency and need more repairs. That’s why you should plan to replace your system before it becomes too old. The tips mentioned below will help you take good care of your HVAC system.

First, check your air filter. You can easily change it at home by shutting down your HVAC unit and opening up the access panels. HVAC professionals will help you determine the correct size of air filter and recommend one that will give the best efficiency. The air filter can be replaced on both traditional HVAC units and temporary AC units. When replacing the air filter, make sure to leave two feet of space on both sides. You may have to remove a panel in order to get at the filter.

Another tip to maintain the efficiency of your HVAC unit is to clean it regularly. Clogged filters can lead to expensive problems and even total system failure. It is also important to regularly clean ductwork. Leaky ducts force the system to work harder and waste more energy. If you find ducts that aren’t in good shape, repair them with duct mastic or special metallic tape. You should also check for leaks in areas that are rarely used.

When choosing an HVAC company, make sure to ask for price quotes from several companies before selecting one. It’s a good idea to go with a company that will visit your premises to check the condition of your unit and provide a quote. General quotes over the phone are not worth much because a lot can change when a technician arrives.