Congratulations on Advancing to the
East Super-Regional Championship!

Qualified teams may use the process below to register for the East Super-Regional Championship Tournament.

Registration is Easy!
  1. Review the Participation Policy.
  2. Fill out the Event Registration form on the right or use the full page version.
  3. We will verify the information and send an invoice. Your team will be registered pending timely payment.
You will receive an automated response from once the form is submitted. If you do not receive a timely email, please let us know. There is no need to submit another event registration request form.

Fees and Payment Policies

Watching an Event
All FIRST events are open and free to the public for viewing.

East Super-Regional Championship Tournament
Event Registration Fee
The team registration fee for the Super-Regional Championship Tournaments is $500.00.

Payment Policy
The Event Registration Fee is due 14 days after your invitation to submit a registration request email from or Friday March 9, 2018 whichever is earlier.

Late payments are not accepted. If the Event Registration Fee is not received by the Due Date, the team will be removed from the Registered list, the invoice will voided with a $0 balance due, and the open slot will then be offered to the next eligible team.

Invoices and Receipts

Our invoicing process has changed to provide you with an online invoice/receipt and more flexible payment options. Please read this section and the Payment Options section for full details.

Online Invoice
Your invoice will now be online. You may view, download, or print your invoice at your convenience. Your online invoice will indicate your invoice status - the invoice is due, past due, or paid. Once your invoice has been paid, it is your receipt. A separate receipt will not be sent.

Registration Confirmation and Invoice Emails
When your team is registered, you will receive two emails from us:
  1. The first email will indicate that your team is registered pending timely payment. Generally this email is a response to your East Super-Regional Registration Request email. This email will be from "Penn FTC Events <>".
  2. The second email will include a link to your online invoice and a brief description of payment options. Click the green View invoice button to view, download, or print your invoice. This email have the subject "Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics Invoice #xxxx", and it will be from “Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics <>".
Payment Confirmation Email and Receipt
Once you have paid your invoice, either by check or online, your invoice will be updated to indicate that it has been paid. This paid invoice is your receipt.

You will receive an email indicating that your payment has been processed. The email subject varies based on the payment option used. In either case, the email includes a link to your updated invoice where you can view, download, or print your paid invoice. See Payment Options for details.

Payment Options

Online with Credit / Debit Cards
You may pay your Event Registration Fee online using credit / debit cards. Through our online payment processor, we accept payments using Apple Pay, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. If paying online, there is Online Payment Convenience Fee of $15.20.

To pay online, open your invoice email and click the green View invoice button. This will open a web page with your invoice and you can view, download, print and pay your invoice. To pay with on-line with a credit/debit card, click the green Pay Now button and fill in the requested information.

Once your on-line payment has been processed, (1) your invoice will be updated to indicate that it is paid and (2) you will receive an email with the subject Payment confirmation: Invoice xxxx (Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics) and it will be from “Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics <>". Within this email, click on the "invoice xxxx" link to view, download or print your updated paid-in-full invoice. This updated invoice is your receipt.

You may pay your Event Registration Fee by check.

If paying check, only the Event Registration fee of $500 is due. The Online Payment Convenience Fee listed on the invoice does not apply and should not be paid.

To ensure proper credit when paying by check, please: (1) write your team number in the memo section of your check, and (2) enclose a copy of the invoice with your check.

Please make checks payable to:

Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics 
Attn: East Super-Regional
80 Beacon Hill Ln
Phoenixville, PA 19460

Once we have received and processed your check (1) we will update your invoice to indicate that it is paid-in-full and (2) you will receive an email from us indicating that your your invoice is paid. Within this email message, click the green View invoice button to view, download, or print your updated / paid-in-full invoice. This updated invoice is your receipt.

IRS Form W-9

You can download our W-9 here.